K.T.A. Trading Company

food stuffs and items

( dry food, nuts, spices, juice, soda)

sea foods

( fish, shrimp, caviar )

Petrochemical and oil

buildings supplies



medical supplies


We are Jawid Omid Fateh company we are announcing that Jawid Omid Fateh company established 2018 a limited liability company with experience and fame in Iran for 20 years we work in all of:

Export and import

1 – Food stuffs and items ( dry food, nuts, spices, juice, soda)

2 – sea foods ( fish , shrimp, caviar)

3 – Petrochemical and oil

4 – Buildings supplies

5 – carpets

6 – detergents

7 – medical supplies

–         All operating room equipment : anesthesia machines, operating room bed, suction, vacuum, ventilator…

–         Types of resting beds : CCU and ICU

–         Hospitals equipment:  radiology , portable , C-EM, ultrasound , spirometry, sonicate, electrocardiogram, brain scan…

–         Infections waste removal device , home laundry equipment and industrial kitchen..

–         Laboratory equipment: laminar hood, incubator, autoclave, analyzer centrifuge…

–         Types of consumables: syringes, injections, robe,  surgical packs …

The devices above and products have at least one year guaranty , 10 years and after- sales services , ISO certifications and CE certificate . and all the necessary quality approval and licenses for export. We are always ready for any cooperation and partnership with products and exports.


Notice: all products are with all legal licenses from us for sending our products to any point in the world, and we can complete all transportation tasks or answering your questions.